World’s Best Wreaths!

Fresh! Full! Fragrant! World’s Best Wreaths has grown from it humble beginnings more than 20 years ago in Pete Flynn’s basement to the busy and bustling wreath shop that we are today. Pete and Lise make our gorgeous wreaths are made from locally harvested greens and decorated in a variety of styles. You’re sure to find one that suits yours!

2019 Offerings

Plain balsam fir wreaths, no decorations:

Ring SizeFinished Size (approximate)Price
Small (8″)12″$15
Medium (10″)22″$20
Large (16″)30″$35
Extra Large (24″)40″$50

Simply decorated balsam fir wreaths. Decorated with 3 clusters of cones and a bow:

Ring SizeFinished Size (approximate)Price
Small (8″)12″$20
Medium (10″)22″$30
Large (16″)30″$45
Extra Large (24″)40″$60

Mixed greens wreaths with decorations of cones, dried flowers and fancy bows:

Ring SizeFinished Size (approximate)Price
Small (8″)12″$25
Medium (10″)22″$40
Large (16″)30″$60
Extra Large (24″)40″$80

Swags                       $17.00

Where To Find Our Wreaths

Our wreaths have become so popular that they travel to quite a few locations. If you are unable to visit us at the Farm, you can find our wreaths at the following stores:

Other Winter Holiday Decorations

In addition to our beautiful wreaths we also sell the following holiday decorations at our Gaylordsville Shop: 

  • Freshly cut Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir Christmas Trees (regionally sourced)
  • Worlds Best Evergreen Garland (locally sourced)
  • Worlds Best Kissing Balls (a sweet thought!)
  • Worlds Best Cemetary Pieces (we have a variety)
  • Worlds Best Indoor Arrangements (we’re modest, but they are lovely!)

Custom Orders

We love to do custom decorating and to make really big wreaths! Please stop in, email or call us at 860-354-7008 if you have a special request that we can fill. We are open daily from the day after Thanksgiving untill Christmas Eve, and accept orders beginning on November 1st. Bring “The Worlds Best” into your home this winter!