About Us

We began farming here in 2015. Currently we have almost two acres in cultivation. We grow a wide variety of vegetable crops, have a big berry patch, lots of annual flowers for bouquets, a small greenhouse for starting plants, and a large tunnel house to extend our growing season. Our farm shop is stocked with our own fresh, certified naturally grown vegetables and eggs, locally made cheese, baked goods, crafts from neighborhood artisans and much more.

All our crops are grown using all natural practices. We use no chemical pesticides or herbicides. Our soil is replenished with compost that we make, cover crops and a lot of help from our flock of chickens! We believe that “no-till” farming is much better for the soil structure than traditional plowing or rototilling. That is why, although we have a tractor for many other jobs, you will never see it plowing our field. 

Our goal as farmers is to increase the fertility of our soil and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, while providing clean, nutritionally dense food to our community. Each year we take the NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) pledge.

Our Team

Lise loves food! A graduate of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), she spent over 20 years working in restaurant kitchens. She and her partner Steve opened “Food for Thought” in New Milford in 1986, possibly the first local restaurant to serve organic food! More recently, Lise became a Master Gardener, earned a certificate in Landscape Design, and owned a Landscaping company for 20 years. Cooking and gardening are a natural match and Lise is always happy to talk about food and share recipes when she’s not in the field.

Brian grew up in a large family on a small homestead in Northern Maine. While growing up his chores included planting and digging a lot of potatoes, milking the cow, feeding the chickens and weeding the garden (hmm, things haven’t changed much for Brian!). After gaining experience in other fields, Brian has returned to his roots here at the farm. His childhood home was filled with life, love and laughter and Brian brings all of this, along with a bucketful of know-how to the farm. 

Melissa, Jake and Katie spent their salad days landscaping and working with us on the farm. Although no longer living in the neighborhood, they all pitch in when they’re home. It’s true, the apple never falls far from the tree!

Sammy has four legs and works at the shop as the farm’s official greeter and mascot. He can be seen daily in the parking area when the store is open greeting visitors and keeping them company as they walk around the store.

Obie was our original farm dog. He was quite friendly and many of our customers knew him well. In later years Obie retired from the fields and was often seen “minding the store” for us. He passed away in 2018 and is sorely missed by all.